aDqBv427I was a voracious reader as a child, with a passion for comic book heroes and science fiction. Writing seemed a natural progression and I remember my 8th Grade teacher telling me I’d be a writer someday, impressed as he was with a short story I’d turned in. I spent my high school years carrying a spiral notebook filled with poetry and song lyrics, fancying myself a cross between Jim Morrison and Robert Plant. So the creative process has always been a part of my life.

Years of writing articles and essays for countless blogs had satisfied my creative needs, and still does, but I had an idea that was demanding a better platform. This is how it came to be that during a tumultuous period in my personal history, I channeled my energy into fulfilling the improbable predictions of a high school English teacher and set about to publish a book.  My first book, “The Biblical God Doesn’t Exist: Argument & Evidence,” is available for eReaders or in print.

I have several projects in the works I hope to publish soon, and  I  will continue to write for the blog and bang on my drum on the various social media forums.