And the War Beats On

If any of these 308 members of the US House of Representatives ever tell you they’re concerned about the level of government spending, that they shed a tear over our budget deficit, that they’re worried about future generations and the debt burden we are leaving to our children, they’re freakin’ liars.

Today, these members of the House of Representatives voted for an additional $34 Billion dollars to fund the occupation and Nation Building in Afghanistan, none of which is offset by spending cuts or increased taxes. That means every dime of this War Funding will be borrowed, adding to the deficit and our National Debt. This vote comes on the heels of the WikiLeaks release of 90,000 pages of Afghan War documents painting a clear picture of America’s longest war; a picture of corruption, civilian casualties, back room deals and a complete lack of any progress.

US Military casualties continue ever onward, steadily increasing in number.

The Afghanistan War is now an effort to build an entire nation that will in theory, be able to support and sustain itself and never be a safe haven for terrorists again. This is no longer a battle against Al-Qaeda who attacked the United States in 2001 and started the entire “War on Terror.” Al-Qaeda is not in Afghanistan anymore. This is now a security mission for the US Military while contractors build schools, highways, courthouses, hospitals and more to the tune of $60 Billion dollars. Keep in mind that this project is of such an epic scale that nothing short of a multi-decade operation, costing untold Trillions of dollars would be required. Of course there is no guarantee of success. Afghanistan’s history tells an uninspiring tale.

So the War Beats on, with the President, Vice President and Secretary of State all recently pledging their long term support of Afghanistan. What framework this “long term support” will take remains to be seen as the President still insists on a drawdown of American forces starting in July 2011. However as the Vice President recently said, whether that drawdown is two hundred troops or two thousand is not yet known. One thing we learned from today’s vote is that the Party of No, the Republican Party of the 111th Congress, certainly votes Yes when it comes to War.

Click here to see the real-time Cost of the Wars.



  1. I hate to point fingers at a particular party (no, not really!) But have the republicans EVER led us to victory in anything? Have they ever started a war WITH an exit strategy? This one was simple, Get THEM before they get US….They are GONE from “Afghanifuk” so, we should be too….Nah…nevermind….let’s build em some schools where they can grow up learning to hate us so we can go through this again in 10 or so years…

  2. Anna M Cabal · · Reply

    it’s awful. I really hate this entire ordeal.

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