Sarah Palin confirms she’s a stupid bitch

I have resisted writing about Sarah Palin because I find her irrelevant. An unknown Governor of the Alaskan wilderness who was thrust into the national spotlight in what can only be called an error in judgment by the McCain Campaign for President in 2008; Mrs. Palin continues to be a topic of conversation on a national level. I’m not sure how she does it, and I admit I’m somewhat envious of her ability to remain in the spotlight. But a quick glance at what’s in that spotlight is embarrassing at best, mortifying at worst.

After insisting she had the foreign policy credentials to be Vice President because she could see Russia from her house, Mrs. Palin decided to quit as Governor of Alaska half way through her first term. She stated that she could better help on a national level by campaigning for other candidates, rather than staying on in the job she was elected to do. Turns out she had a cushy book deal and made over $12 million. Hell, I’d quit my job too and get out of Alaska as fast as my sled dogs could pull me. Since then, Palin has made the rounds at various conservative group meetings, including one Tea Party gathering where she gave a speech reading crib notes she had written on the palm of her hand.

I have found all of this comical to say the least. But on Twitter is where Palin has confirmed once and for all beyond any reasonable doubt that she is one stupid bitch.

Stupid Bitch:

Noun. Pronounced (stoo-pid bi-ch)

1. Worse than a normal bitch, the stupid bitch has its own specie classification, as it has a genetic structure and mental capacity inferior to that of a normal human being. You may recognize a stupid bitch by their irrational and selfish behavior.

2. A female that acts and is a know it all, who causes drama, just because she has no life, and is filled with toxicity by creating in the legal sense, slander, defamatory comments, and/or libel.

• Source: The Urban Dictionary

On Twitter, Sarah Palin (twitter name @sarahpalinusa) first demonstrated her utter stupidity by calling on Muslims to refudiate the Islamic Center being considered for construction in the lower Manhattan area near the site of the former World Trade Center (I am working on a piece about this controversial topic called Religion Divides us Again). Yes, she called upon them to “refudiate” it. There’s no such word. When she was ridiculed for it, she compared herself to William Shakespeare and said that English was a “living language.” Comparing herself to Shakespeare created a plethora of Palin as Shakespeare tweets as you might imagine.

Having no apparent sense of humility, Mrs. Palin once again decided to make a statement on Twitter and said that “a cackle of rads” had hijacked the term “feminist.” I know rads was short for radicals but clearly she meant to say “gaggle.” The Palin as Shakespeare tweeters had some new inspiration for tweeting.

But Sarah Palin’s Aug 18, 2010 tweet was the icing on her stupid bitch cake. Dr. Laura Schlesinger, a radio personality for over 30 years, retired from her show after getting into it on air with a black female caller and using the derogatory term “nigger” repeatedly in the conversation. She went on Larry King to announce she was leaving the airwaves to preserve her right to free speech. I could go further on this issue, but this post is not about Dr. Laura. Sarah Palin pleaded for Dr Laura not to retreat, but to reload! I know Mrs. Palin likes to shoot wolves and moose out of a helicopter while using a high-powered rifle, but is she really asking Dr. Laura to reload her offensive racist ranting?

Lastly, I will make my case that Sarah Palin is such a stupid bitch she doesn’t even realize she has announced to the world that she doesn’t support the US Constitution. On FOX news, Mrs. Palin said she believed the laws of the USA should be based on the God of the bible and the 10 Commandments.

However, here’s what the Constitution, the document that forms the basis for every law in our land, has to say on that subject:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

So as you can see, Mrs. Palin confirms that she doesn’t support the Constitution and as such, doesn’t support the United States of America. Actually, what she confirms is that she is one stupid bitch.



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  1. Like the line about seeing Russia from here house !

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