A Hypothesis: I need Your Help

I am not a scientist, nor have I ever played one on TV. But I do love The Scientific Method and have used it before to prove or disprove various hypotheses. Today, I will ask my most important question yet:

  • Why do so many marriages in the United States fail?

Having asked the question, in order to properly follow the Scientific Method, I must do background research. Well, I have written a post on monogamy, so I’ll consider the research complete! The next step is to form my hypothesis, and this is my boldest hypothesis ever!

  • The large number of failed marriages in the United States are a result of poor Astrological Compatibility.

As a recent Astrology Convert, I believe this may be the answer to the disturbing statistics for marriage in the US. After all, we can’t help which Astrological House we’re born into, which planet rules us, and which characteristics and traits we have genetically inherited from the powers of the Universe. Human relationships are difficult enough without trying to force a square peg into a round hole. Truly symbiotic relationships could develop, flourish and improve the qualify of life for each partner if only their traits and personality types flow with the natural rhythm of the Universe.


I must now gather data to conduct my experiment. In this, I need your help Faithful Reader. Please reply either through comments to the post, or if you prefer, by email. A contact form is included at the bottom of the post. Please only participate if you are married or have been married. The following information is required:

  • Married Currently? Yes or No:
  • Male Partner Date of Birth (year not required):
  • Female Partner Date of Birth (year not required):
  • If both partners are male or female, just provide both DoB under the appropriate category.

I may have some follow-up questions if you are willing to participate, nothing overly private, mostly around how deep certain character traits run for you and your partner.

I thank you, the Scientific Community thanks you, and quite possibly, future generations of couples thank you!



  1. Married Currently? Yes (might as well be. 15 years living together. If it were legal here we would be married.)

    Female Partner Date of Birth: June 6th

    Female Partner Date of Birth: April 14th

    I can make it easier for you. She is a Gemini and I am an Aries who acts a lot like a Taurus. Go figure. Any questions you have will be just fine.


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