Self Publish your Book

When I found myself with some free time two months ago, it occurred to me that I could finally get serious about doing something that I’d first considered a few years ago: writing a book. I had a lot of the work completed in various forms, but a blog post I’d read by author Sam Harris some time ago regarding getting a book published had made it seem an impossibility. Sam had suggested outlining the book only, then searching for an agent who would represent you to the publishers. If you couldn’t find an agent that was interested, the odds of ever publishing dropped precipitously.

I’ve purchased many eBooks in recent years from strength coaches and powerlifters and that thought percolated in my mind until I searched Google for how to publish my own book. It didn’t take long before I found Smashwords and took the plunge. Within a short time, the eBook was published and it’s hard to describe the sense of pride and accomplishment it brought me. I did a bit of research about Print on Demand, but didn’t consider it very seriously until I received a phone call responding to my inquiry at CreateSpace. I told the gentleman that what I wanted was probably not possible; that I wanted to be able to sell print versions of my book one at a time without spending any of my own money to print them. As it turns out, that is precisely what CreateSpace offers and today, I received a beautiful 6″x9″ paperback book of which I am the author.

I bought a Kindle and then an iPad several years ago and have purchased many books to enjoy on my eReader of choice. The statistics will tell us that the eBook is outselling the printed book and that the future seemingly belongs to the digital medium. While I’ve embraced the medium wholeheartedly, I can’t seem to stop picking up my physical book and paging through it, feeling the weight of it in my hands and looking at the ISBN on the back cover. It’s a real book, that I wrote, and it’s available for sale. It is a truly wonderful feeling.

If you are a would-be author, I am a testament to the fact that you absolutely can get your book published with just a little help and minimal financial expense, although the time invested, at least for me, has been significant. I encourage you to set your mind to it and make it a reality.



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