Atheists need to wear hats

I’ve been contemplating ways in which people who aren’t theists can reach the lofty heights achieved by theists in leadership positions. I’ve come to the conclusion that non-theists are spending inordinately too much time and energy making logical arguments, talking about annoying things like evidence, and saying things that make people roll their eyes, like “correlation doesn’t equal causation” and using words like anthropomorphic. These actions are not aiding in improving the way non-theists are perceived, especially because the theistic leadership is very vocal, and extremely stylish. They have a visual impact, and this visual impact produces lasting images in the minds of the faithful which they just don’t get from the rather drab earth tones the non-theists tend to prefer. I think it’s time non-theists (atheist just has such an ungodly sound to it) get in the habit of dressing for success when speaking to the masses about not believing in made-up stuff. Just look at some of these powerful visual images of stylish religious leaders and imagine the impression the non-religious leadership could make if they followed suit:

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Contrast those fashionable men of theism with these non-theistic fashion hazards and I think you’ll see my point:

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I hope you will join me in this Crusade to improve the image of non-theism and bring more visual impact to our message.



  1. Might I recommend the pinwheel hat?

  2. Jocelyn · · Reply

    Hi- I am not sure where you are located. I am with a Florida freethought group. I think you would be a great speaker for our group. Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in. Thanks~

    1. I am honored by such a request! I used to attend a local secular humanist group meetings to hear the speakers, never thinking I’d be asked to be one.

      I do get to Florida from time to time as I have family there. Perhaps we can make something work. Email me at and we’ll see what we can do.

  3. So what you are saying is, the more seriously you wish to be taken the sillier the hat you should wear? I am a spiritual facilitator and I can confirm that my collection of floral bandanas, fedoras and deerstalkers get me listened too.

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