This was on the television screen at the gym this morning, which I happened to glance at in between sets of bench pressing. There was someone standing near one Washington, DC monument or other talking to the newscaster, but I didn’t hear it or need to. The US government is sadly mistaken if they believe dropping leaflets from the sky with pro-Western propaganda will change the hearts and minds of jihadists who see themselves as a major player in their End of Days fantasy. The underlying reason the US or other governments won’t be able to come up with a workable scenario to combat this threat to all of humanity is because they refuse to acknowledge its medieval, religious basis. Out of some twisted self-consciousness that prevents people from speaking critically against the delusional beliefs that old books contain factual communique from the Creator of the Universe, the most powerful people in the world come up short when trying to understand the Islamic State. President Barack Obama is so respectful of faith, that he has actually said that the Islamic State is not Islamic. It’s an absurdity, and sadly, a very dangerous self-deception.

The Atlantic has created what is arguably the most comprehensive analysis done on ISIS, and it’s terrifying and sobering to ponder. I don’t have the answer for dealing with this either, but if those in power can’t even acknowledge what they’re actually up against, out of a false sense of owing respect to anything people choose to believe en masse, then there’s no chance of success.

What ISIS Really Wants


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