ISIS vs The Climate

Carly Fiorina stated recently that the President was wrong, as was Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders, to suggest that Climate Change was a bigger threat to the future of the United States than ISIS.

It’s very popular for GOP politicians to be hawkish on all things war, but let’s just look at this objectively for a moment. ISIS is a jihadist terrorist group with many enemies, currently located in Iraq and Syria and under continual assault by the world’s nations who would seek to defeat them, or at least weaken them considerably. The fact that they are not a nation but an armed coalition of militants will limit their ability to amass an organized military arsenal of equipment capable of engaging in a war with the United States, Russia, China or any major power. They can, have, and will terrorize with small, random acts of horrific and brutal violence.

97% of the world’s scientists who study the climate–and yes, Chris Christie, I listen to scientists and so should you–assure us of the increasing volatility of the environment and the disastrous consequences that are in the future, not for the United States, but for all the planet’s citizens, unless significant action is undertaken by humanity.

There’s really no reason other than political headlines to compare one with the other, but if we were to do so, it’s a fairly obvious conclusion that the planet’s inhability is more threatening to American citizens than ISIS, since Americans are about as likely to die in a shark attack as they are in an ISIS terrorist attack. Imagine if Carly got in front of the microphones and proclaimed that sharks were more of a threat to the United States than Climate Change. The roar of stunned silence would be epic. But that’s basically what she said.

Climate Change may sound like it’s just going to be a little hotter at the beach next summer, but that’s not what’s happening. I’m not going to attempt to educate on the impact of global changes in temperature, but I will suggest that you read up on it because the very survival of the human species is at stake. ISIS sucks, there’s no question about it. But the human species will survive them as we have survived several World Wars, bubonic plague, the AIDS epidemic, and untold numbers of natural disasters. What we won’t survive, is a planet that becomes inhospitable to human life. That is truly a terrifying threat.


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