The President Cried

The President of the United States, while talking to people about gun violence and what he will try to do on his own to help slow the rate at which Americans slaughter each other, was moved to tears. As he spoke about little tiny people getting ripped apart by bullets while in their elementary school, he cried. Just a little bit. While reflecting on the families of slaughtered children, whose lives were destroyed that day in Newtown, he was emotionally moved and he welled up a bit, like I am now as I write this. Those little kids went to school to chatter at their friends, to fidget in their chairs, to draw and color and poke at each other and laugh. They went to ask their teachers endless questions and raise their hands to go pee. Those little people were just living. Happy or sad, bullies or darlings, they were just little people full of life. And a freakin lunatic with unfettered access to weapons and ammo annihilated them. He tore their bodies apart and ripped the life from them. He stopped their strong, growing and happy hearts from beating. He filled the hallways with blood and brought despair and chaos to innocents. As the President spoke about this, he cried. Just a little bit.

And some people ridiculed him for it.

The President cried over slaughtered first graders and people ridiculed him for it, providing additional evidence on the growing pile of data supporting the hypothesis:

  • we live amongst assholes.

One comment

  1. Jeanne Geib · · Reply

    It looked more like grandstanding to me. A lunatic in a ‘gun free’ zone what could you expect!

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