New Hampshire GOP voters shock thinking world

Republican voters in New Hampshire went to the polls and cast votes in their state’s primary election, and stunned anyone who thinks by advocating for a fraudulent, petulant blowhard to lead the nation. I understand anger and voter frustration. I understand the evolutionary underpinnings of tribalism and Trump appeals to that deep-seated emotional and irrational fear. However, if one were to consider just a few points, one should be able to use their critical thinking abilities as Homo Sapiens to make a rational choice.

  1. Donald Trump has never governed anything.
  2. Donald Trump spews falsehoods at an astonishing rate.
  3. Donald Trump has no core political positions of any kind.

These three simple statements which are verifiably accurate should be enough to conclude that this person should not, and cannot take over the job of President of the United States. Yet 100,000 adults in New Hampshire staked their future and the future of the nation on an a man best known as a game show host. It appears that South Carolina voters will follow in New Hampshire’s lead, forcing those of us who aren’t afraid to consider the consequences of our actions to wait until March 1, 2016 for Trump’s train of madness to go off the rails into the ditch of political has-beens.



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