Writer’s Indifference

My lack of output could be construed as the proverbial block often attributed to those who put words on paper. It’s actually a combination of not wanting to merely create content, but to write something meaningful, and ambivalence over the current state of affairs. I read a decent piece on Slate which criticized the online world of journalism for its need to publish on a regular basis. What fills the virtual pages of journalistic sites can’t all be the crème de la crème; it just wouldn’t be possible. But I don’t have the same pressures to constantly produce. After all, there are no advertisers here. Combined with a dreadful boredom of US politics at the moment, and the muse is decidedly asleep.

What more can one say about the unlikely rise of the clueless authoritarian to the top of the Republican ticket? It’s literally covered nonstop from every possible angle. Occasionally I read or hear something insightful, but all one really needs to do is allow The Donald to speak for himself. He tells us everything we need to know about the electorate who has propelled him to the apex. As Christopher Hitchens once said, we don’t need better politicians, we need a better electorate. A Bill Moyers podcast interview with editor, publisher and author Rick Shenkman summed it all up rather nicely and I highly recommend it, even though I generally can’t sit through an entire podcast.

How can one watch the GOP rank and file, who’d ridiculed Donald Trump at every turn of this election season, who had sworn he’d never be their nominee, who had even joined the Never Trump chorus line, now apologize to him and start rationalizing their support, not be utterly disgusted with the farce that is our body politic? I can admire someone with integrity, even if I disagree with them politically, but just check out the list of back peddling suck-ups now that the race has been decided:

Where Republicans Stand on Donald Trump

The Democratic side of the Presidential race has gotten pretty ugly with the mess in Nevada, the chaos swirling around DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz , and the steadily mounting losses of primaries and caucuses by the eventual nominee HRC. In the aforementioned podcast, Mr. Shenkman points out that elections are about voters and what voters are feeling, and that it’s hard to know what a vote for Hillary Clinton feels like. Sure, she’s got extensive experience–likely the most experienced person to ever seek the office–and while she leans left she’s more of a center-left type of political thinker, so on paper she shouldn’t completely alienate the bulk of center-right voters, but as a political animal, she is not graceful. There’s just something about her that doesn’t inspire passionate support. It’s more of a pragmatic kind of support and while I think she soundly defeats Donald Trump in November, she’ll be limping into the White House after a gruelling and bloody marathon, only to face intense opposition, scrutiny and anything but a mandate. It almost makes her first term already seem interminably long and it won’t even start for another 8 months.

The other pressing issue on Americans’ minds these days is where people urinate. It’s no wonder I can’t seem to find inspiration to write. The entire affair is mortifying in its descent into the abyss of discrimination. If you’re not on the side of equality, freedom, human rights and a steadfast refusal to accept discrimination of our brothers and sisters, then you’re on the wrong side of being a human being. This bathroom nonsense is no different than any other discrimination and because the intolerant and the bigoted have lost so many battles–on race, gender, and sexual orientation–they have now focused on the transgender person to try to stop someone from being free to be who they want to be. They will lose this battle as well because the issue is so petty, so small, it doesn’t stand a chance of becoming a rallying cry for the social conservative the way marriage equality was. Even a senior Catholic Cardinal proclaiming that transgender people were killing God–as usual, omnipotence doesn’t seem all it’s cracked up to be–will not be enough to get this issue frothy. If God survived the rape and torture of children worldwide at the hands of His most pious disciples; the Catholic priesthood, I’m sure He can handle this.

PS I’m really enjoying The Good Wife, which as usual, I am very late to discover. I should have been a lawyer. I do love a persuasive argument.



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