Nagging at Me

I can’t decide what bothers me most about Trump; what qualities I find most odious. It’s not his narcissistic personality disorder, or his bombastic hyperinflated egoism. I don’t think it’s his sense of entitlement. His racial prejudice and misogyny are troubling, but I don’t think that’s it either. It could be his willful ignorance, but that’s not quite right. His childish bullying and temper tantrums when he’s criticized are annoying, but that’s not the pinnacle of his despicable nature. I think it’s most likely his continual, likely pathological, disregard for truthfulness. Yes, that’s it. His complete disregard for anything that is factually accurate or even on speaking terms with the truth. That’s got to be the cherry on the cake of hate I have for Donald J. Trump.


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