The Inauguration of Indecency

Today marks a significant event in the history of the United States, as Donald J. Trump, an admitted sexual predator, will swear on a stack of Bibles to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. This oath will be immediately violated as the man is himself a domestic enemy of the United States. He is a consummate bullshit artist. A man for whom winning, however he decides victory in his mind at the moment, is all that matters. A man with a long history of immoral and unethical actions against his fellow man and woman, in business matters and personal. He takes the mantle under clouds of suspicion for the manner in which his electoral victory was achieved, but it isn’t in his nature to care about such things, for he won. The other guy lost. That’s all that matters.

To think that he would make decisions in the best interests of a nation of people, that he would carefully weigh the implications of his actions on how they would affect not him or his family, but all of us, is a fool’s wishful thinking. Point to one example, only one, in his business life or personal life where that was the case and perhaps we could find a glimmer of a reason to expect something better than a self-serving conman who seeks to loot and pillage the country as if it were an Atlantic City casino. He brags about the millions he made in the casino business as he drove them all into bankruptcy, paying himself handsomely with investor’s and creditor’s funds. This is who he is, and he rode a wave of celebrity worship and populist anger to get a minority of American citizens to put their fate in his hands.

There will be much to comment on under the reign of this man, but for today, the only commentary that is necessary is that honesty, decency and forthrightness has been set aside and a spoiled child in a man’s body has been given the keys to someone else’s car and asked to steer us to the clear. It’s not going to happen, as this 70-year old circus showman who lives in a literal gold-plated fortress in the sky will not only not drive us to a better place, he doesn’t think there is a better place. He’s already arrived and the view suits him just fine. The only expectation that is reasonable today, is that he will seek to improve the quality of his view by whatever means, and at whatever costs are required.


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