Theocratic Encroachment

Politicians pander to their audience. This isn’t a revelation of any great discovery, and the devout make up a large voting block, so trying to out-Christian each other is a common practice among politicians, especially of the Republican persuasion. The current holder of the hot seat in the Oval Office is astoundingly transparent in his pandering, but the faithful eat it up like a communion wafer. It’s just another example that a mind either hard-wired to believe, or programed to be that way, is pliable in its credulity. If you can bring yourself to believe in the doctrine of Christianity, you can bring to yourself to believe basically anything, including that Donald Trump is a devout Christian handpicked by God to lead America.

Senator McConnell of KY led his fellow Republicans in a blockade of then President Obama’s choice to fill the seat on the Supreme Court from the recently departed Justice Scalia, and then rewrote Senate rules to allow President Trump’s nominee to sail right into the spot without the ability of a Democratic minority to try to stop it from happening. As a result, we now have the tangible, real world results of what religious pandering can bring to the citizens of the nation. The Supreme Court now has a Justice who has previously sided with religious organizations over citizens, and the tilt of this Court has already been felt.

The Court ruled in favor of Trinity Lutheran Church, who had sued the State of Missouri to get government money to repave its daycare’s parking lot. The Trinity Lutheran daycare is a religiously segregated organization, and the Missouri State Constitution specifically prohibits taxpayer money from funding  the “…aid of any church, sect, or denomination of religion.” Missouri isn’t alone in this by the way; over 30 other states have similar constitutional provisions. The Supreme Court decided that denying government money to a church was “odious,” and so opened the door to taxpayer funded religion. You can read the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s position here.

But wait, there’s more. In Kentucky, the Governor recently signed a new bill into law that funds Bible classes with taxpayer funds in public schools. In Florida, the Governor recently signed a new bill into law that allows any citizen to file a complaint about subject matter being taught in public schools; science for example, and the school would then have to appoint a hearing officer to hear their complaint. Of course we also have Betsy DeVos as the head of the Department of Education, whose life goal is to help advance God’s Kingdom, and she wants to use the school system to do it.

Donald Trump may not care one bit about Christianity, but he cares quite a lot for the way in which the true believers adore him and praise him, so he will take steps to keep that going, like appointing Jerry Falwell Jr. to an Education Task Force.  He may not have the savvy or foresight to understand how his overt pandering to the Faithful in this country will impact the future, but those whose eyes are opened without the gauzy veil of religious dogma over them can see it very well.


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