I’m no lawyer

Conspiracy against the United States sound like a pretty bad crime. Add on a few more charges, that also sound pretty awful, like Conspiracy to Launder Money and being an Unregistered Agent of a Foreign Principal, and things look downright sleazy.

My guess is that the President of the United States will now fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and pardon his friends, who are facing lengthy prison terms if convicted. There’ll be lots of hand wringing and outrage on TV and Twitter, but the President will remain the President and another brick in the wall of the Republic will be torn asunder.

Republican politicians will not impeach a President of their own party and Democrats have no ability to do it unless they take the House of Representatives in the next election, which is a remote possibility in some far possible future.

That one question still hovers in the air over the nation’s capital and remains unanswered:

What did the President know, and when did he know it? 

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