People REALLY Don’t like Donald Trump

The 2017 Elections demonstrated one overarching theme: voters don’t like Donald Trump. His preferred candidate for Governor of Virginia lost to the Democratic challenger, and Democrats won down ballot contests throughout the state. The Democrat won the NJ Governor’s race over morbidly obese angry man Chris Christie’s LT Governor. Job approval ratings for President Trump are the lowest ever recorded for a President 9 months into his job. Support for his impeachment continue to climb. 49% of voters support impeaching him!  His former campaign manager has been indicted and faces many long years in a small prison cell if convicted. A former campaign advisor has pled guilty to lying to the FBI and Justice Departments, and rumor has it Trump’s former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn will be the next man indicted. What a clusterfuck!

What surprises me though is that all the reasons people have for really not liking Donald Trump were always visible. His deceitful nature, his boastful, bragging narcissism, his lack of intellectual curiosity, his ignorance of almost every facet of living in the actual world, his racism, his vengeful spirit, his inability to accept responsibility, his inability to accept criticism, his inability to form coherent sentences, his misogyny. Every single aspect of his personality was on display throughout the arduous, excruciatingly long campaign season for the 2016 election, yet 62 million Americans thought making him President would be a good idea.

Certainly the Cult of Trump persists and he has a base of support that is thoroughly indoctrinated and immune to his many flaws of character. But that small percentage of the electorate would not have carried him to victory, even with the odd geographic vote parsing system known as the Electoral College. No, there exists in the United States a large group of people who voted for this man, who now despise him and long for his impeachment. Those Americans should be deeply ashamed. My guess is many would refuse to admit today that they pulled the lever for Trump. After all, it’s mortifying to watch the man one elected to the highest office stand on a podium and say, “Puerto Rico is an island. It’s surrounded by water. Big water. Ocean water.” So I understand the desire to hide from one’s idiotic vote that cast the nation, and the world, into such peril. The only path to redemption is to rise up in protest, vociferously voice one’s outrage, write, call and email their representatives in Congress and plead for action, in an attempt to help wipe off the stain of the impending doom they wrought upon us all.

The midterm elections are still a year away. That is way too much time to wait and see if the Democrats can wrench power away from the complicit GOP in Washington, DC. The nation’s best hope lies in the prosecutorial power of one Robert Mueller,  but the citizenry can keep up the pressure on the existing Congress to paralyze them with doubt and fear about their professional future. All those remorseful Trump voters have a duty to the rest of us; to right the wrong they participated in creating. They must do everything they can to prevent this Congress from doing a damn thing Trump wants them to do by letting them know the only way they escape the election battlefield with their political lives is to distance themselves from the old man yelling at the TV from the chair in the Oval Office.

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