How I’d Face Trump

Donald Trump, the conman, tax cheat, grifter, racist, Nazi-sympathizing, misogynistic, admitted sexual predator who currently serves as President of the United States, thanks to an antiquated vote parsing system called the Electoral College, is up for reelection in 2020, but he’s never really stopped campaigning. He has continued his rallies around the country where he rants and raves to his fans and creates an endless stream of head-scratching statements that gives the media lots to write and talk about. He attacks anyone who criticizes him or speaks negatively about him, including all of the candidates currently running for the Democratic nomination. Of course he doesn’t know them all, so he waits until they show up on TV saying something about him that he doesn’t care for, then he gets his thumbs working on his phone and tweets some garbled nonsense.

There’s talk about strategy for facing Trump in the next election and how best to go about it. I think I know. Donald Trump is going to lie, he’s going to insult, he’s going to brag, exaggerate, fabricate and obfuscate. If I was the nominee, I’d ignore him. I would not give him the time of day. I would treat him as if he were a non-factor in the race; a person not worthy of my time and attention, which is what he actually is. He’s the President in name certainly, but not in practice. He has no legislative goals, other than vague ones about walls and immigration. He has stated he will not work with the House of Representatives while they continue to provide oversight into his corrupt administration. So he’s not doing anything in the office, so I’d focus on what I would do in the office.

I’d talk about all the things Americans worry about and how I would address them as President. I would talk about how best to continue the hard work done by President Obama on health care to get us the rest of the way there; i.e. a place where every American can have health care, whether it be through health insurance or Medicare or Medicaid. I’d talk about how to address our crumbling roads and bridges, our poor schools in rural areas. I’d talk about how we deal with the crushing student debt issues and present ideas on how we can relieve the burden on our future generation of leaders who graduate college with more debt than any of their ancestors ever imagined.

What would Trump be doing while I was talking about these things? I wouldn’t care. I would avoid reading his tweets, I would avoid listening to him talk about me, I would avoid press coverage of him. I would focus on me, and why I wanted the American people’s trust to lead the country and perform the job of President as outlined in the Constitution. Imagine Trump’s outrage when despite every grade school nickname he threw at me, every school yard taunt, every retweet, doctored image, fake video or insult, I had no reaction because I didn’t even know he was doing it. I would instruct my staff to monitor his campaign of course, but my message would be simple: Our focus on our campaign is on what we’d do, not what Trump has done, or hasn’t done.

Now I would have all the statistics memorized on how every action taken by the Republican Congress and signed by Trump has impacted the US. I’m not going to ignore what he has actually done and how the American people have been effected by it. I’m just ignoring him personally. For example, I’d cite the budget deficits created by the Republican tax cut. I wouldn’t name names, I wouldn’t place blame, I’d simply state it. The GOP Congress and the GOP President passed a tax package and here are the results: And I’d lay them out. I’d highlight every attempt the GOP and the President made to unwind the Affordable Care Act and how those moves impacted the American citizen. I would show the results of every Executive Order. But I would ignore the man who signed them. Instead, I’d state clearly and plainly how I would address the issues created by these actions, and the American voter will decide if they like what I have to say.

Eventually, we’d be on the debate stage together, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I would take my message directly to the American people. That message would be one of action. What I would do as President. I wouldn’t mention the man on the other side of the stage at all. Any questions put to me by the moderator about the President, I’d address by simply saying the President’s words and actions speak for themselves and the American people will decide if they want him to continue as President. I am offering them an alternative, and of course I think it’s a better alternative or I wouldn’t be running. I will continue to put forth my ideas for the immediate future and address the concerns that matter most to to them, those that can be dealt with at the highest levels of government. And ultimately, they will decide.

That’s how I’d run my campaign for President against the half-assed, incompetent goon currently taking up space in the Oval Office, in our media, and in our heads.

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