Guns and more Guns

The gun culture in the United States is one thing, and there’s lot of room for debate about its place in the modern world, but the hate culture is another story for which there is no debate. Our current political atmosphere is so toxic that all the pent up hatred toward specific groups of people have taken the gun culture to violent and tragic ends. The President of the United States, a truly repulsive man with no redeeming qualities, has inspired and incited this hatred to the now very public extremes we are seeing, and the man can’t even be shamed and mortified into a change of course.

His demonization of immigrants is a direct causal link to the rising terrorist threat from our neighbors, as white men feel threatened by the boogeyman created by this President, and with his support are acting out against this perceived threat in murderous fashion. It is a disgusting display of the worst characteristics in the human mind and being used a political tool for the sole purpose of staying in power.

As much as I despise the man, and there aren’t enough words to describe the depth of my loathing, what is all the more terrifying is that he has the support of millions of people. This fact has left me flabbergasted on many occasions as I fail to see a single thing that could be admired or respected in this ignorant old racist liar who craves nothing but personal gratification from adoring fans. If a Nazi sympathizing, admitted sexual predator, tax cheat, criminal, racist misogynist can have the backing and support of millions of American citizens, one is left with a deep sense of despair for our future.

Knowing this, perhaps the only way to keep people safe is to remove the weapons of mass destruction at their disposal. Their hatred will remain, but at least they can be defanged so innocent people don’t die at their hands. Somehow, the gun culture must pay the price for the hate culture. They cannot coexist in a society if there is to be peace.

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