Idiot in Chief

I try to avoid watching Trump speak because it’s painfully, embarrassingly awful. The nonsense he spews, the way he rambles and avoids actually saying anything, his seeming inability to put even one complete sentence together, and of course the steady stream of lies. But I do enjoy watching the late night guys’ monologues on YouTube, particularly Colbert. Unfortunately, that also means I am forced to watch Trump speak as they play clips and build jokes around them.

Watching him today in PA, speaking completely off the cuff with no teleprompter of someone else’s words for him to mangle, I was struck by his sheer stupidity. He seems to think he’s cute and funny, but it’s actually pathetic. Today his fondness for trucks was a theme, as he expressed his love of the big rigs that even his mother noted when little Trump was only 4. It was a cringeworthy moment but he was only warming up. When he talked about windmills, which he despises for some reason, he described a scenario where a couple lost power because there was no wind and they couldn’t watch him on TV.

As I watched, I struggled to think of a single person in my experience, who comes close to this level of pure idiocy.

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