You say you want a revolution

The South Carolina Primary election has come and gone, and I didn’t vote for Amy Klobuchar. I think she’d make a fine President, and I would support her wholeheartedly if she were the Democratic nominee for President. But I am not a Democrat and ultimately, the issues won out for me.

Imagine a $15 minimum wage, with access to health care, public education extended beyond high school to include college, and an elimination of existing student debt. The quality of life would be dramatically improved for tens of millions of our brothers and sisters around the country.   Not only that, but the economy would actually improve as we are a consumer driven economic system. When people can’t afford to be consumers, they aren’t participating and contributing to that economy. If you’re drowning in student debt, you just don’t have the discretionary income available to go out and consume. If you’re paying through the nose for a lousy health insurance policy, you can’t afford to go out and consume. When you’re working full time at $7.25 an hour because you couldn’t afford a college education, you can’t even afford a 2-bedroom rental apartment anywhere in the United States.

Capitalism is a heartless economic system, and very few benefit from it. At its core, it’s a dog eat dog system where everyone tries to get whatever they can and the majority of people do not flourish. If we are truly going to be a government of the people, for the people and by the people, we need leaders and representatives that will actually strive to enact policies that do exactly that.

I voted for the candidate that has consistently fought for that goal. I voted for Bernie Sanders because he’s right on the issues. I voted for Bernie Sanders because more people would benefit from his leadership than any other candidate. I voted for Bernie Sanders because even if he doesn’t win, he is shaping the future of our political conversation by openly and unabashedly addressing the basic injustice and inequality of our greedy, money driven and our complete lack of compassion for those in the working class. I voted for Bernie Sanders because his policies would directly improve the quality of live for my kids and their peers.

Viva la revolucion

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