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Guns and more Guns

The gun culture in the United States is one thing, and there’s lot of room for debate about its place in the modern world, but the hate culture is another story for which there is no debate. Our current political atmosphere is so toxic that all the pent up hatred toward specific groups of people […]

How Evolution effects our sexual Behavior

I’m not an evolutionary biologist, or an anthropologist, however I am willing to play either role on TV should the opportunity become available. What I am is a philosopher, which originally meant lover of knowledge or wisdom. I’ve been studying evolutionary biology and I’m willing to put some thoughts on paper about human behavior and […]

Let your DNA do the Walking

Forever changed after watching Nat Geo’s, “The Human Family Tree,” I decided to participate in the Genographic Project and not only contribute my DNA to the growing collection but to trace my ancient ancestral origins, and discover the path my ancestors took out of Africa. The fossil, archaeological and now genetic records have basically confirmed that East Africa is […]

Casey Anthony and the Weight of Doubt

A jury of Casey Anthony’s peers has acquitted her of murder, of aggravated child abuse, and of aggravated manslaughter of a child. While she was convicted of lying to law enforcement, she has been incarcerated for 3 years and Judge Perry, applying the maximum sentence for the counts she was convicted of, calculated her release […]