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Atheists need to wear hats

I’ve been contemplating ways in which people who aren’t theists can reach the lofty heights achieved by theists in leadership positions. I’ve come to the conclusion that non-theists are spending inordinately too much time and energy making logical arguments, talking about annoying things like evidence, and saying things that make people roll their eyes, like […]

Tebow, Please Stop Tebowing

Tim Tebow, first year QB for the NFL’s Denver Broncos, has managed to draw significant attention to himself, not via his skills with the football–he’s currently ranked 31st in the league among QB’s–but via his garish public displays of devotion and prayer. Tebow prays, beseeches and grovels before Jesus so much that he’s become a […]

Aliens abducted Sammy Hagar

The rocker and former Van Halen singer has revealed to fans and the general public that he was abducted by aliens. We haven’t heard about a good abduction in a while, so I thought I’d comment on this fabulous tale of contact with life from other worlds. Sammy states that two creatures inside a ship […]

Astrology is fraudulent

I have written extensively about the Science of Astrology, including hypothesizing that the dismal results of marital fidelity and bliss are directly tied to poor Astrological Harmony. Being a lover of all things factual, it took me some time to accept Astrology as a real science, but there was no denying that Scorpio was the perfect description of […]

Dreidel of Death! New for X-Box

Just in time for the holidays, MA War Games, Inc has released a new game, sure to thrill teenage boys everywhere. My son is celebrating Chanukah by playing the new X-Box 360 game; “Dreidel of Death.” In it, his team of Storm Troopers try to plant explosive Dreidels before the opposing team finds all the […]

Astrological Compatibility

Recently, I posted a hypothesis and began collecting data to prove or disprove my position. The hypothesis was: The large number of failed marriages in the United States are a result of poor Astrological Compatibility. I consider the following results preliminary as the sample size is rather small (22 couples) and my knowledge and experience […]

A Hypothesis: I need Your Help

I am not a scientist, nor have I ever played one on TV. But I do love The Scientific Method and have used it before to prove or disprove various hypotheses. Today, I will ask my most important question yet: Why do so many marriages in the United States fail? Having asked the question, in order […]

I am Scorpio

My oldest daughter is a college freshman. She is a talented writer and today, sent me her first writing assignment for her English class. She was asked to write about herself and took what I found to be a clever and humorous approach; she compared herself to the description of her Zodiac Sign. It was a fun […]