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You say you want a revolution

The South Carolina Primary election has come and gone, and I didn’t vote for Amy Klobuchar. I think she’d make a fine President, and I would support her wholeheartedly if she were the Democratic nominee for President. But I am not a Democrat and ultimately, the issues won out for me. Imagine a $15 minimum […]

So help me God

It was always a foregone conclusion that the impeachment trial of Donald Trump would result in an acquittal. The founders of our nation didn’t even want impeachment in the Constitution in the first place. They assumed that one who reached the highest office would be a person of great integrity and moral character that the […]

I Side With

I’ve taken the I Side With test before, and so I knew the likely result. But in light of the dramatically changed political environment since the historic 2016 election, I wanted to do a deep analysis; answering every question, not just the suggested ones, looking at every possible answer, reading the “learn more” sections when […]

It’s over

I am moved by the passionate and thorough arguments presented by the House managers on the Senate floor in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. As I watch the votes, two of them thus far, I am also moved by watching in real time, the death knell of the American experiment in self-governance. This is […]

Trump and The Win

I’ve never understood Trump’s appeal. I never saw his show on TV, but whenever I saw him on a talk show, he seemed like a buffoon to me. He was always spouting nonsense and bragging about himself. I dismissed him quite easily. When he was running for President, it seemed like more of the same. […]

Shakedown Street

1600 Pennsylvania Ave has probably seen its share of unsavory types over the years, but I doubt any were as blatantly corrupt and lacking in any respect for the office as the current occupant. It’s not surprising to anyone who has any knowledge of his history in business. He’s all about making a buck in […]

Trump sucks at lying

As Dr. Gregory House taught us; it’s a fundamental truth of the human condition: everyone lies. The only variable is about what. The insane thing about Trump is that while he lies so much and so often, about literally anything, he is so awful at it. There’s nothing even remotely believable about a Trump lie. […]

The Ultimate Celebrity

I often wonder why anyone would want to be President, but never have I pondered it more than in the case of Donald Trump. He doesn’t need the job, he’s a senior citizen, and he is remarkably ill suited for the job due to a lack of experience in government, the inability to take criticism, […]

Idiot in Chief

I try to avoid watching Trump speak because it’s painfully, embarrassingly awful. The nonsense he spews, the way he rambles and avoids actually saying anything, his seeming inability to put even one complete sentence together, and of course the steady stream of lies. But I do enjoy watching the late night guys’ monologues on YouTube, […]

Guns and more Guns

The gun culture in the United States is one thing, and there’s lot of room for debate about its place in the modern world, but the hate culture is another story for which there is no debate. Our current political atmosphere is so toxic that all the pent up hatred toward specific groups of people […]