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Mueller v. Trump

I am one of those Americans who has not read the Mueller Report. I am instead, one of those Americans who has watched extensive coverage by legal minds who have read the report; those minds including former prosecutors, former FBI leaders, former CIA leaders, and countless career journalists who cover American politics. I felt like […]

How I’d Face Trump

Donald Trump, the conman, tax cheat, grifter, racist, Nazi-sympathizing, misogynistic, admitted sexual predator who currently serves as President of the United States, thanks to an antiquated vote parsing system called the Electoral College, is up for reelection in 2020, but he’s never really stopped campaigning. He has continued his rallies around the country where he […]

John Adams

I’ve just completed the HBO miniseries on our second President and found it deeply moving. It was brilliant on every count. The cast was superb, with performances so authentic the show never felt like a recreation of history, but as history itself. I’ve grown ever so tired of American politics and more often than not […]

People REALLY Don’t like Donald Trump

The 2017 Elections demonstrated one overarching theme: voters don’t like Donald Trump. His preferred candidate for Governor of Virginia lost to the Democratic challenger, and Democrats won down ballot contests throughout the state. The Democrat won the NJ Governor’s race over morbidly obese angry man Chris Christie’s LT Governor. Job approval ratings for President Trump […]

I’m no lawyer

Conspiracy against the United States sound like a pretty bad crime. Add on a few more charges, that also sound pretty awful, like Conspiracy to Launder Money and being an Unregistered Agent of a Foreign Principal, and things look downright sleazy. My guess is that the President of the United States will now fire Special […]

Take the Pledge

The fact that we are expected to pledge faith and allegiance and perform rituals like puppets whenever certain songs are played, or pieces of fabric are held high says a lot about the nature of being human. We aren’t free. We’re afraid to be free. It’s why we get conned by cults, religions, dictators, snake […]

Know Your Amendments

There’s nothing like the specter of gun control discussions to get the patriotic blood boiling and the cries of support for our beloved Constitution flowing like the blood after a mass shooting. The religious are often criticized, rightfully so, for cherry picking the pretty parts of their texts, but our freedom loving, apple pie eating, […]

Theocratic Encroachment

Politicians pander to their audience. This isn’t a revelation of any great discovery, and the devout make up a large voting block, so trying to out-Christian each other is a common practice among politicians, especially of the Republican persuasion. The current holder of the hot seat in the Oval Office is astoundingly transparent in his […]

System Check 

I think it’s time to fully test the system. Let’s see if the dam will hold.

Saving this one

This is a great read. Dead Man Lying by Lucian Truscott for Salon