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I don’t believe in Evolution, Part I

I thought I’d take a slightly different approach to my next post on evolution. I’ve written three posts designed to help the non-scientist who doesn’t believe in evolution get a handle on the basics and begin an understanding that will ultimately lead to bringing the non-believer over to the side of truth, enlightenment and the […]

Mass Extinction Events

Scientists call occurrences in Earth’s history where significant numbers of living species go extinct as Mass Extinction Events. There have been many Mass Extinction events throughout the roughly 4 Billion year history of Earth, but five of them were major events where over 50% of living species died. The most widely known of the five […]

Genetics; Natural Selection for non-scientists Part III

When Darwin developed his theory of Evolution through Natural Selection, he didn’t know about genetics. He was unaware of DNA and the process genes play in the variations in life he observed everywhere. Today, genetics is a remarkable field that is exploding with new information on an almost daily basis. I’m sure you are familiar […]

Speciation; Natural Selection for non-scientists Part II

As I wrote in Part I, there is a large percentage of the American populace who doesn’t believe evolution exists, that God created man and presumably other species as we see them today. My goal is to try to reach that percentage of non-believers and help them understand the beauty of evolution. I am not […]

Natural Selection for non-scientists Part I

It was reported today that 40% of Americans believe that God created humans, exactly as we see them today, approximately 10,000 years ago. That’s a startlingly large number who don’t believe in evolution through Natural Selection. Interestingly, 38% do believe that humans have evolved from less complex organisms, but that God had a hand in […]

Using Common Sense to Understand Climate Change

If you’ve ever watched TLC or The Discovery Channel you’ve probably seen at least one show about the history of our planet. You would know there have been multiple Ice Ages, intermixed with warming periods. The warming periods support life, and life flourishes during these periods. The most recent warming period started 14,000 years ago […]