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One Thousand

I don’t mean to be trite when I say that I never expected to actually sell any copies of my book; The Biblical God Doesn’t Exist. I knew I’d buy a copy–although I have misplaced my physical book and will need to order another–but my objective in writing and ultimately publishing it was very personal. […]

Reviews of my Book

I am truly overwhelmed by the reception I’ve gotten regarding my book, “The Biblical God Doesn’t Exist: Argument & Evidence.” Not only have sales been steady and increasing, but the reviews so far have been beyond anything I could have hoped for. I’m immensely proud of my work, and publishing it was an incredibly rewarding […]

Self Publish your Book

When I found myself with some free time two months ago, it occurred to me that I could finally get serious about doing something that I’d first considered a few years ago: writing a book. I had a lot of the work completed in various forms, but a blog post I’d read by author Sam […]