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Belief is a tricky thing

I’ve never been consulted by anyone at Nabisco as support for their claim that the Oreo is America’s Favorite Cookie, but I assume they checked with someone.  I’ve also never been consulted by a polling service to ask me whether or not I thought a god had created humans in their present form in the […]

Origins Of The Cosmos: A Debate

As I’m wont to do on occasion, I had a little fun with The Bible by posting the following statement as my Facebook status: “Reading Joshua for Bible Study. Lots of massacre for The Lord. Putting everyone to the sword. Good stuff. Family values & morality & such.” This led to a lengthy discussion with […]

From Deism To Theism

The universe is a vast, marvelous, spectacular thing beyond the comprehension of most human beings. I personally struggle with physics and am thankful and appreciative for the more brilliant minds among my fellow humans who can sort these things out and make some sense of them. It is easy to find a time in history […]

It’s Difficult To Accept

I am currently in correspondence with a reader of my book, The Biblical God Doesn’t Exist, and she had many questions about Jesus Christ. I pointed out that many of her ideas about Jesus contradict, or at least aren’t in line with what we know of him, because all of our knowledge of Jesus comes from […]

There are no Square Circles

Every once in a while, I come across an essay or commentary that hits me across the cerebral cortex like a brick. This particular piece helped me give substance and structure to an argument I’ve always found frustrating: “Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.” Well sure they are, but does that mean we can all just […]

Where in the hell is Hell?

A majority of the American public believe that although Osama bin Laden was shot twice, once in the chest and once in the head, snuffing out his life, that somehow he lives on. The US Government has advised that they disposed of the body in the sea in keeping with Islamic tradition. “A weight is […]