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Obama in 2012 – a race between Right and Further Right

Barack Obama has shown himself to be a progressive voice for change in America, a champion for the advancement of our nation and its citizens to build a brighter future for all. At least in his speeches that is what he’s shown himself to be. I believe it’s what made us fall for the man […]

Will the Real President Obama please Stand Up

President Obama delivered a major speech on the current state of budgetary affairs yesterday. Normally, this topic is a bit of a snoozer but the House GOP has made quite a bit of hay over cutting spending and they have chosen some interesting targets for their knife. After a brief but noisy battle over a […]

The 3.9 Trillion pound Gorilla in the Room

Only a few short days after signing into law the largest government spending package on record, the President of the Unites States has submitted his budget outline to Congress. I repeat; budget outline. This mere 140-page document is not the actual budget nor will it resemble the final product very much. What it does is set […]