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Reckless Endangerment for the Lord

The SARS-CoV-2 outbreak and resulting COVID-19 disease are wreaking havoc upon the world as I write this, and are obviously extensively covered on a continual basis. I’m not an expert and have nothing of value I can add to the advice and cautions of the actual experts, although on a personal note, I will share […]

Christianity as Reality or Philosophy

Not all conversations are worth having. While sharing our thoughts is basically the only way we have of connecting with each other, most of the encounters in our daily lives are banal and trivial, the exchange forgotten moments after conclusion. There are many weighty matters worthy of a robust discussion available to us, but one […]

Why Ben Affleck (and others) are wrong.

In a recent appearance on Bill Maher’s HBO show, with guests Sam Harris and Ben Affleck among others, Affleck became visibly agitated when discussing Maher’s very vocal and public criticism of Islam. The issue is that Affleck, like many others, suffers from an affliction in which people’s religions are given automatic respect, as if it […]

Is Pope Francis Confused, or Talking To God?

I have to wonder where the Pope is getting his information. I know he’s Christ’s Vicar on Earth, but it’s not difficult to read The Bible or any of the Catholic Church’s doctrines, or their long and distinguished history. So either the Pope is confused, or he is receiving communication from The Almighty that contradicts […]

The Ex-Pope

There is much one can write about the resignation of the Pope. It’s the first in 600 years for one thing, and the Pope is appointed to a life term by the Christian God himself as Christ’s Vicar on Earth. This alone could be worthy of a lengthy, detailed essay. One could write about the […]

Christians and The Second Commandment

The Lord did speak unto Moses and provide him with the Commandments for the keeping; Ten in number, etched into twin stone tablets. The Second of these is as follows: “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the […]

Catholic Church thinks their image is Tarnished

Today, one of the Catholic Church’s most senior Archbishops said people aren’t giving the Church a fair shake. Archbishop Peter Smith said: “Some people’s perception of the church is very negative, that it’s just there to say ‘No.’ I don’t think there is an awareness of the positive social engagement. We don’t go around blowing […]

Catholic Church is Guilty as Sin

The Catholic Church has been rocked by sex abuse scandals first uncovered in the mid-1980’s. A Catholic priest, Gilbert Gauthe, pled guilty to molesting 11 boys. There were allegations that he may have molested as many as 100. When his pedophilia first became known to his superiors, he was reassigned to a different parish. The […]