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You are Dismissed

I’m sure there’s a name for this kind of empty grandstanding, but my vocabulary is limited and my patience for Googling has been tested of late. Claiming in hindsight that one could have, or more boastfully would have, excelled in some particular event or occasion if one so desired is one of the many fatiguing […]

Atheists Leap Faithfully You Say?

I read an article in London Free Press’s online “Comment” section that I found upsetting. Not exceedingly so, but enough to prompt me to be here, pecking away at my MacBook. The author of this work is a man named Tom Harpur, who appears to have a website and some other writing to his credit. […]

Christopher Hitchens

I am not fit to write an obituary or an epitaph for anyone, particularly someone as influential and widely known and admired (or disliked) as Christopher Hitchens. So I will write only a few words about what he meant to me, and will continue to mean as he has left behind a remarkable legacy—a body […]

The Portable Atheist: A Book Review

I don’t think I’ve written a book review since high school, or perhaps an early college English class. But after finishing the Portable Atheist by Christopher Hitchens, I feel compelled to comment on it. The book is an anthology of epic proportions, covering hundreds of years of essays, articles, and excerpts from brilliant minds from […]