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Electoral College Dysfunction

Now that all the votes are counted in the 2016 Presidential election,  the losing candidate received almost 3 million more votes than the candidate declared the victor. At final count, 2,864,974 more people voted for a candidate who will not be President. This shouldn’t happen in a democracy, however as enlightened minds will tell you, […]

Free Stuff

Either people are remarkably ignorant of how government works, or they’re remarkably disingenuous and deceitful. The frequent charge thrown at any candidate running for office who makes campaign promises to provide services, is that they’re giving away “free stuff” to win votes. Bernie Sanders is the latest target of these falsehoods by conservative pundits and […]

Am I wrong about Intervention?

I have a short list of things I hate. I believe the word to be a powerful one so I try to save it for truly hateful things. Cancer War Hypocrisy Pickles My hatred of war runs deep, perhaps because I spent some time in a minor one, but more likely because I’ve read the […]