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The First Americans

The study of human evolution and the spread of human beings across the globe fascinates me, so I was drawn to a seminar during Darwin Week 2012 at the College of Charleston called the Ice Age Dispersal of Humans to the Americas. I took copious notes and have been meaning to compile them into something […]

I don’t believe in Evolution, Part II

In this my second post in a series addressing some of the common reasons people give for not believing in the Theory of Evolution, I’m going to address what Evolution is, and what it isn’t. If you haven’t already read my other posts on the subject, the whole thing would make a lot more sense […]

Genetics; Natural Selection for non-scientists Part III

When Darwin developed his theory of Evolution through Natural Selection, he didn’t know about genetics. He was unaware of DNA and the process genes play in the variations in life he observed everywhere. Today, genetics is a remarkable field that is exploding with new information on an almost daily basis. I’m sure you are familiar […]