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From Deism To Theism

The universe is a vast, marvelous, spectacular thing beyond the comprehension of most human beings. I personally struggle with physics and am thankful and appreciative for the more brilliant minds among my fellow humans who can sort these things out and make some sense of them. It is easy to find a time in history […]

The Underdog

God, in His infinite glory and splendor, filled His Heaven with angels. They sing, trumpet, deliver news to God’s Creation, and serve as His messengers. But one of these heavenly beings was rebellious, always questioning the Lord his Creator. Eventually, God, whose temper is well known, grew tired of this rambunctious and inquisitive angel and […]

The road to truth is bumpy

In order to make progress, one must occasionally confront something head-on, and if that thing is held in high regard by some, the collision may be a messy one. There is a long and ugly history surrounding the search for truth, and many have paid dearly for their endeavors. But without truth, or at least […]

God, Rape and the Abortion problem

Once again abortion has made its way to the front of the public debate on policy and in a substantial way. A Romney presidency could mean the end of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in the United States. [i] The GOP Platform includes severe restrictions in a woman’s right to have an […]

You can still pray, even without God

I’d like to see organized religion’s influence greatly diminished as I believe it to be harmful to human beings. I’d love to see it completely eradicated, but I realize that’s not possible. The reason I want it gone is that religions are based on false premises to start with and build upon them from there. […]

Are the Ten Commandments useful?

The Ten Commandments which were allegedly provided directly by Yahweh to Moses on Mt Sinai are the basis for the moral code in the Abrahamic religions. While there are billions of people on Earth who claim association with these religions, there are billions who do not. Are the Commandments useful to those who do not […]