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Which Way

Robert Ingersoll could stake a claim as a man of some accomplishment. He was a Civil War hero, a successful lawyer, and a political speechmaker. It was his ability as an orator though, that brought him the most notoriety. He was perhaps the best public speaker of his day, speaking passionately and brilliantly, usually without […]

My issue with Jesus

I’m just not into Jesus I have to tell you. I know he has a good reputation and a lot of people claim to worship him, or at least belong to the religion that was made in his name. But his positions just don’t work for me and frankly, I’m surprised that so many people […]

Where in the hell is Hell?

A majority of the American public believe that although Osama bin Laden was shot twice, once in the chest and once in the head, snuffing out his life, that somehow he lives on. The US Government has advised that they disposed of the body in the sea in keeping with Islamic tradition. “A weight is […]

Catholic Church thinks their image is Tarnished

Today, one of the Catholic Church’s most senior Archbishops said people aren’t giving the Church a fair shake. Archbishop Peter Smith said: “Some people’s perception of the church is very negative, that it’s just there to say ‘No.’ I don’t think there is an awareness of the positive social engagement. We don’t go around blowing […]