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Pattern Seeking Jesus

Human beings like patterns. Our brains make sense of the visual inputs we get by assembling things we see or hear into expected models. Biologically, this is a very useful brain function as it would have allowed our ancestors to better survive when they imagined the face of a predator in the tall jungle grass, […]


I don’t believe in Evolution, Part II

In this my second post in a series addressing some of the common reasons people give for not believing in the Theory of Evolution, I’m going to address what Evolution is, and what it isn’t. If you haven’t already read my other posts on the subject, the whole thing would make a lot more sense […]

Genetics; Natural Selection for non-scientists Part III

When Darwin developed his theory of Evolution through Natural Selection, he didn’t know about genetics. He was unaware of DNA and the process genes play in the variations in life he observed everywhere. Today, genetics is a remarkable field that is exploding with new information on an almost daily basis. I’m sure you are familiar […]

Speciation; Natural Selection for non-scientists Part II

As I wrote in Part I, there is a large percentage of the American populace who doesn’t believe evolution exists, that God created man and presumably other species as we see them today. My goal is to try to reach that percentage of non-believers and help them understand the beauty of evolution. I am not […]

Natural Selection for non-scientists Part I

It was reported today that 40% of Americans believe that God created humans, exactly as we see them today, approximately 10,000 years ago. That’s a startlingly large number who don’t believe in evolution through Natural Selection. Interestingly, 38% do believe that humans have evolved from less complex organisms, but that God had a hand in […]