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Two more years of Bush

Today, President Barack Obama succumbed to the minority party and cut a deal with the Republicans to preserve the Bush Tax Cuts for two more years. The same Tax Cuts that had been enacted by Republicans with a definite shelf life of 10 years. Some may argue this expiration date of 12/31/10 that the Republicans put on […]

Let the Bush Tax Cuts Expire

Opinion: The clock is ticking on the package of tax cuts that President Bush and the Republican Congress passed in 2001. The “Bush Tax Cuts” as they’re generically called were cuts in the marginal tax rates that were in place at the time. All marginal rates were cut, and because the United States uses a […]

Banking on Failure – The Republican Strategy

When it comes to governing, there are two basic aspects under consideration; the practical and the political. The practical aspect is considering how legislation or appropriation of funds or tax policy will affect the citizens. The political aspect is considering how it makes the politician, their party or their opponents party look to the voters. […]

What does $825 Billion Look Like?

As the Obama Administration continues to push for its Economic Rescue package, the price tag is rather startling. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t get my mind around $825 Billion. I can’t get my mind around 825 billion anything actually. The number is just too astonishingly huge. I will try to find […]