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Constant Praying

Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee are the quickest to their smart phones to offer the emptiness of prayer. It reeks of dishonesty and moral repugnance. Who exactly are you praying to and what does that look like? How long did it take, and what do you think it accomplishes? Are you praying for the dead […]

Tebow, Please Stop Tebowing

Tim Tebow, first year QB for the NFL’s Denver Broncos, has managed to draw significant attention to himself, not via his skills with the football–he’s currently ranked 31st in the league among QB’s–but via his garish public displays of devotion and prayer. Tebow prays, beseeches and grovels before Jesus so much that he’s become a […]

You can still pray, even without God

I’d like to see organized religion’s influence greatly diminished as I believe it to be harmful to human beings. I’d love to see it completely eradicated, but I realize that’s not possible. The reason I want it gone is that religions are based on false premises to start with and build upon them from there. […]