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I’m Not Adding A Plus To My Atheism

I’m quite put off by this new movement of atheists who feel compelled to add a social and political agenda to their non-belief in the supernatural. Clearly there are issues that affect all of humanity; causes that are worth fighting for. But why would anyone want to equate marriage equality with not believing in gods? […]

The United States Is Not, And Never Was A Christian Nation

The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land. It is literally the framework on which our system of government is built. It creates the three branches of government, specifies the duties of each, and provides the individual states and their people the powers that aren’t specified in the Constitution. It’s […]

Memorial Day: A day of Prayer?

Apparently so, as the US Federal Government proclaimed it in US Code, Section 116, stating in part that today is the day the government will be “calling on the people of the United States to observe Memorial Day by praying, according to their individual religious faith, for permanent peace…” I’ll set aside for now the […]

Calling All Humanists

I think the journey I’ve been on, from the angry ex-Catholic to the liberated and happy atheist I am today, is one I had to take alone. I needed an impetus after years, hell decades, of leaving religion and all its trappings in the broom closet of my mind, and I got one from my […]

The Supreme Court Supports Discrimination

Today, the highest court in the land ruled against a woman who was fired over a disability. While this may sound contrary to the law when it comes to wrongful termination, the difference in this case was the entity doing the discriminatory firing: The Church. An Evangelical Lutheran Church and School in Michigan, Hosanna-Tabor, fired […]