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Make America Great Again

Donald Trump’s campaign mantra is exactly one word too long. While four words is a seemingly short declaration, this one makes a bold statement and raises serious questions. The Trump campaign’s mantra tell us that America was once great, however it isn’t currently, and that a Trump Administration would restore this greatness. The serious questions […]

The Candidate for people who don’t Think

Trump continues to dazzle, sparkle and amaze. After proclaiming that even if torture doesn’t work, he’d do it anyway, he has now outlined his brilliant military strategy for defeating ISIS: Kill their families. In an interview on the show Fox and Friends–and I struggle to comprehend that people actually watch this program–The Donald said he’d […]

Vive la France !


There’s a long history of hiding and murdering people, with bragging rights going to those who can murder people from a distance with pinpoint accuracy. Warfare is in our blood, our DNA, and patriotism is our natural bias. We like to kill the other guy, before the other guy kills us. Killing all around. So […]

Memorial Day: A day of Prayer?

Apparently so, as the US Federal Government proclaimed it in US Code, Section 116, stating in part that today is the day the government will be “calling on the people of the United States to observe Memorial Day by praying, according to their individual religious faith, for permanent peace…” I’ll set aside for now the […]

Murder in Syria and the Lack of Outrage

A history of the nation of Syria would require a textbook-sized dissertation. I’m not surprised I know little of it, as the teaching of history has never been a strong point in the educational system of the United States. A recent survey found that almost a third of adults under the age of 30 don’t […]

When a War is not a War

The military entanglement in Afghanistan, our longest ever, started out as part of the ridiculously named “War on Terror.” Declaring war on fear is completely illogical and absurd; nonetheless, our brave soldiers went into this mountainous region that made mincemeat of the Soviet Army with a goal of locating and dismantling Al Qaeda and removing […]

Am I wrong about Intervention?

I have a short list of things I hate. I believe the word to be a powerful one so I try to save it for truly hateful things. Cancer War Hypocrisy Pickles My hatred of war runs deep, perhaps because I spent some time in a minor one, but more likely because I’ve read the […]

Where is the Outrage?

I read something today that has finally helped me to understand the lack of outrage from American citizens regarding the loss of life in our concurrent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Every time I hear of another of our soldiers dying, I feel the sense of needless death. A life cut short, families and friends […]

And the War Beats On

If any of these 308 members of the US House of Representatives ever tell you they’re concerned about the level of government spending, that they shed a tear over our budget deficit, that they’re worried about future generations and the debt burden we are leaving to our children, they’re freakin’ liars. Today, these members of the […]