This video perfectly displays the two main reasons I’ve come to despise Donald Trump:

  • He makes boastful, bald-faced assertions of his greatness and expertise on any subject.
  • He immediately disparages any opponent with the same childish tactic of calling them a failure.

He does both of these things with no evidence of his position, or support for his opinion. He just asserts it. In a speech delivered recently attacking Hillary Clinton, he asserted that her use of a private email server allowed her to be hacked by foreign governments who will blackmail her when she’s President. When taken to task by Lester Holt on NBC about his assertion, Trump responded in the infuriating, illogical and idiotic way that he does, indicating that Lester doesn’t know she hasn’t been hacked.  That’s not how we know things. We don’t make claims with no evidence and then defend them by saying no one knows if they’re true or not.

In the video, you’ll see Trump being questioned about his opposition to a windmill farm off the Scottish coast where he is building a golf course. Not just any golf course mind you, but the greatest golf course the world has ever seen. When asked for his evidence to support his opposition to the windmills–which he opposes because he just doesn’t want to see them when he’s teeing off–with a straight face, Trump replied that he was the evidence. He goes on to state that he’s more of an expert than anyone else. When questioned by the creator of a documentary on the subject, he responds by saying, “I haven’t seen your documentary, but I hear it’s failed miserably.” Bravely, the filmmaker pressed on, and finally silenced from his middle school taunting, Trump dismissed him and asked for the next question.

The man stands as the poster child for baseless conspiracy theories. He has a complete disregard for the truth, combined with a stunning lack of self awareness. He is illogical, irrational, and proud of it. He has risen to a position in American politics where he is no longer just a clown with poorly applied makeup, the favorite subject of comedians everywhere who enjoy doing impressions of his monosyllabic droning. He is now a legitimate threat to stability and must be sent back to his heavily leveraged, gold-plated apartment in the skyscraper that bears his name with his tail between his legs after being whipped in the general election by a woman. While I would prefer a different candidate to stand against him, all thinking Americans must support Mrs. Clinton so that she not only defeats the orange-faced probable dementia patient, but annihilates him and disgraces him so that his influence on our body politic is buried under the 18th hole of one of his pastures.


Trump Blasts a Wind Farm for Spoiling His View from on Vimeo.



  1. Trump — I have run out of words to describe him. You have done it well.

    1. Thank you. I find it more and more difficult to find the words to suitably describe him.

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